2021 Hasedera Temple in Kamakura Light Wall Light Ceiling Tapestry Washi-covered Acrylic
2019 Shoyeido Incense Co., Tokyo Ginza store Light Ceiling Washi-covered Acrylic
2016 Omiya Inoue Eye Clinic Light Ceiling
2015 Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Light Wall Light Ceiling Tapestry Spacial Design
2015 The Elderly Overall Support Center KAGAYAKI PLAZA Light Wall Light Ceiling Tapestry
2015 CLUB HARIE B-Studio, Takashimaya Kyoto Store Light Wall Light Ceiling Facade Washi-covered Acrylic
2015 The CUBE gourmet floor (11F), Kyoto Station Building Light Ceiling Laminate Glass
2015 Special Nursing Home for Elderly Yasuragi no Mori: entrance Light Wall Light Ceiling Laminate Glass
2014 YOKOHAMA i-MARK PLACE: entrance Light Ceiling Ceiling Lighting
2013 Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology Light Ceiling
2012 Malebranche Kyoto, Kitayama Main Store Light Ceiling
2007 The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, The Peninsula Tokyo Light Wall Light Ceiling Washi-covered Acrylic
2004 Restaurant BENIHANA San Francisco Light Ceiling
2004 The University of Tokyo President’s Room Light Ceiling
2002 City Crematorium of Hiroshima Itsukaichi Light Ceiling Partition Tapestry
2001 Tanaka Isson Memorial Art Museum Light Ceiling
2000 Osaka Expo Park, Geihinkan (guest house): entrance & hall Light Wall Light Ceiling Tapestry
2000 Takeo City Library, History Museum: entrance Light Ceiling
1994 Hotel Shikisai Ichiriki: entrance, approach, and others Light Wall Light Ceiling Laminate Glass
1993 Sapporo Factory: event hall Light Ceiling Partition Framed Washi
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