The Ordering Process

Our job is everything, from “rainboots to jikatabi”, as we like to say – from designing the washi to putting on rainboots and making the paper from wood pulp, to changing into jikatabi work shoes and helmets and getting in there for the on-site installation. We even help with changing bulbs in the lighting systems and maintaining the washi, taking responsibility for each stage.

  1. 1Order

    Diagrams, perspectival drawings, overall spatial image and more– share every desired detail with us.

  2. 2Estimate

    We calculate the estimated cost. (about 1 week)

  3. 3Proposal

    We send you all related plans – from washi pattern design, to concepting, execution plan, lighting plan, and washi samples – and set a meeting to discuss together. (about 2 weeks)

  4. 4Confirmation

    We double check the plans, ensuring that your desires are understood in terms of design, adjustments to construction methods, etc. We want to be sure we’re on the same page, as it were. (about 2 weeks)

  5. 5Washi-making

    During this period (approximately 1-3 months), visits to the atelier and pre-production quality checks are possible.

  6. 6Secondary Processing

    If so determined, this includes applying acrylic, laminated glass, fire retardant, stain repellent treatment, and other secondary processing.

  7. 7Mounting/Installation

    After packing and shipping, it is time for on-site installation.

  8. 8Maintenance

    Contracts available for annual maintenance.