The International Festival UTAGE 2013 in Osaka

The International Festival UTAGE 2013 in OsakaOsaka 2013

An installation work combining washi and state-of-the-art imaging technology. In the International Festival UTAGE 2013 in Osaka, the installation comprised images projected on a 10m high light column made of washi, and a 10m diameter light floor, all surrounded by 16 tapestries. Under the theme of UTAGE (banquet), the washi installation with calming spring images created a welcoming space in the venue, and provided a spectacular stage for the opening and closing ceremonies and festival events. Horizontal images on the washi light floor spreading from the center, vertical images on the washi light column, and projections playing onto the surrounding high and swirling washi tapestries all contributed to a three-dimensional spatial expression. The spontaneous irregular texture so characteristic of washi, the embedded fibers and threads, and watermarks gave visual effects quite different from ordinary flat screens. When no images were projected, the lighting built into the floor and column shone through the washi and gave a very soft and warm Japanese atmosphere.