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= ERIKO HORIKI ~ Prayers through Washi ~(Spiral Garden, Tokyo)
= Salone Del Mobile Milano 2011 "Baccarat Highlights"( Milano, Italy) 
= Exhibition Tour "ERIKO HORIKI~Prayers through Washi~" (Sogo Yokohama Dept., Yokohama etc.)


Exhibition "WA-Qu" (Milan, Italy)
Salone del Mobile "Rooms and Secrets" (Milan, Italy)
= "JAPAN Pavilion EXPO 2000 Hannover Lantern car Firefly"(Hannover, Germany) 2000
= YO-YO MA Stage Art(N.Y, Carnegie Hall)
= Exhibition "SLEEK SCREEN" (Tokyo,Japan)

Exhibition Tour "ERIKO HORIKI ~Prayers through Washi~"
November 3rd ~ December 2nd, 2007 at Yokohama Sogo Department Store
December 30th, 2007 ~ January 20th, 2008 at Shinsaibashi Sogo Mainstore
November 11th ~ December 20th, 2009 at The Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art

This exhibition consists of five individual spaces based on the theme "Prayers".
The light corridor is created as a prologue to enter into the five spaces of prayers combining the traditional method of "watermark" and modern design. Leave behind the crowded city and step into the light corridor inviting you to enjoy a new experience.
<Prayer 1: May all be blessed by sound sleep and new life.>
The space is surrounded by two pieces of 15m long x 2.7m high gigantic back-lit Washi emanating the sunshine-like warmth. The cocoon shaped objet, which looks like a casket to the next life or an egg coming into life, represents a prayer for the eternal life.
<Prayer 2: May the energy of flowers foster the nature and protect the earth.>
The Gigaku masks (Gigaku-a Japanese traditional play), which were created by collaboration with the late Mr.Manojyo Nomura for the Hamanako Flower Expo in 2004, are exhibited. These masks are deisigned from the image of flower fairies and this space is built on the theme "nature" which is very gentle and marvelous for human beings.
<Prayer 3: May children around the world be healthy and happy.>
The objet exhibited here is a fusion of the timeless, familiar character loved by people around the world and Japanese traditional industry.
<Prayer 4: May people be surrounded by light and live happily.>
The Washi chandelier, which was created by collaboration with the French crystal brand "Baccarat", and other light objets are exhibited.
<Prayer 5: May the Japanese aesthetics for appreciation of things and mindful wrapping be inherited by future generations.>
The original Washi designs for wrapping created since 1989 are exhibited. Japanese aesthetics for carefully wrapping things is deeply connected with the Washi culuture. The wrapping of the precious bottles made of porcelain or glass is based on the form of Japanese traditional prayers.

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